Stop Siri from Listening In

Apple says the data is used to help Siri and dictation … understand you better and recognize what you say. So when did I volunteer to become a beta tester for Apple?

Here's how to set up your iPhone to stop Siri from listening in without changing privacy settings, disabling the microphone or fussing with a Siri toggle switch. Caveat - you won't be able to use the Hey Siri command afterward. But, you can always revert back to that function if needed. Just delete the profile that was installed on your iPhone.

Here are the steps and there's a video demo below:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to
  3. Scroll down 
  4. You'll see three buttons Raw, Blame and History
  5. Click Raw
  6. The message shows This Website...etc.
  7. Click Allow then Close
  8. Click the Home button and go to Settings
  9. At the top, you'll see Profile Downloaded. Tap it.
  10. Click Install and enter your Passcode.
  11. It'll say Unsigned Profile. Click Install (2x)
  12. Click Done
  13. Now Siri cannot listen in.

 And here's the demo video. Share it with anyone using an iPhone.

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  • Looks like Apple heard!


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