Apple Will Never Be The Same Without Steve Jobs

In the last few decades, Apple has gone from a scrappy start-up to one of the most successful and profitable businesses in the entire world. Selling its signature line of computer-related products across the world, Apple is synonymous with smartphones, tablets, and well-built computers. Having been responsible for much of what we now take for granted, Apple has made a business of reinventing the wheel.

How did Apple do this? How did one company rise beyond the competition to create a new marketplace and monopolize innovation? What it all comes down to is the role of the visionary behind Apple, Steve Jobs. Indeed, Apple will never be the same without Steve Jobs.

The Role of A Visionary.

Simply put, Steve Jobs took an idea he was passionate about and pursued it. He overcame incredible obstacles in the field, took risks few people are willing to take, and succeeded where many others had failed. Steve Jobs helped direct Apple on its path as a company, setting the course for years to come.

Those who had worked with Steve Jobs report many things about his personality. Some remember him as a visionary, while others remember an incredibly strict man who did not waiver from his ideas. Whereas his personality hurt as much as helped Steve Jobs, the results for the company cannot be argued. Apple came into its own, revolutionized the electronic marketplace, and became the trendsetter for years to come.

Why Apple Will Not Be The Same

What made Apple successful was not only following the path Steve Jobs laid out, but also changing to the times and new directions. Before his death, Steve Jobs was responsible for pointing Apple towards an unknown that only he seemed to be able to define.

Though Apple is still a very successful business, it has been stagnant lately. Newer versions of pre-existing electronics are being released, but nothing innovative has come out of the company. The newest and most fascinating gadget, Google glasses is out in limited supply, but people are not quite sure what’s happening with it.

For Apple to succeed, it will require that foresight again. Only on the cusp of innovation will Apple remain in the lead. A new visionary will be required, willing to take as many risks and willing to overcome any number of additional challenges. However, Apple will never be the same without Steve Jobs.

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