Apple's Bias Against your Mac. And You.

Apple’s strict warranty policies have already come under scrutiny after last years’ revelation that smoking anywhere near the computer will void the warranty, even if the machine died as a result of defective parts. While this left many tobacco-loving Apple users with smoke coming out of their ears, the new Apple controversy will turn off a larger number of would-be Apple customers.

Not that Apple cares.

As you’ll soon learn, if you don’t fit a certain customer profile, Apple doesn’t really feel the need to provide a satisfying shopping experience or quality service for you.


The Apple store often refuses to service Macs that are three years or older. Now, for someone with the expendable income to buy a new computer every few years, this doesn’t really create much of a problem. That customer, the ideal Apple store customer, can easily be talked into a shiny new machine that will completely replace the three year old machine that could have been repaired. Apples’ sales revenues remain high and the customer loves his new computer. But what about the rest of us? Those of us who bought an expensive Mac with about as much trepidation as we’d buy a new car - we need our computers to last for more than three years.

Let’s look at some of the common excuses that the Apple Store may give when they try to tell you they can’t fix your three+ year old computer. Keep in mind, these excuses will be directly followed by a sales pitch for a new computer.

Can’t be Upgraded

You’ll hear this excuse being thrown around, although nearly every mac can be upgraded with a solid state drive. This is a super-fast hard drive, much faster than the original mechanical drive that can bring performance of an older machine up to snuff.

Unavailable Parts

They may say that they won't repair these models because "parts are no longer available". If only this weren’t a fib. Apple has an inventory of parts at least 5 years old.

What To Do?

Sadly, it seems as if they're biased against a whole class of shoppers that don't fit a preferred income level. They do what they need to do to maintain a high level of sales, which creates higher levels of revenue as opposed to repairs, which take up time and money. If the Apple Store gives you the choice of chucking out your old computer so that you can contribute to their sales of newer models – get a second opinion.

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