Get both feet in the door.

The Apprentice to Work Program.

Everybody has to start a career somewhere. We created the Apprentice to Work Program to provide those entering the workforce with a real-world opportunity to learn Apple service technology while training for full-time paid work. 

While prior experience isn't required to apply, you should be mechanically inclined and an analytical thinker that likes to troubleshoot and solve technical problems.

How Does the Program Work?

There are two stages every Apprentice must complete to be considered for paid work - Basic and Expert. Each stage lasts two weeks and is unpaid training. In both stages you're working one-on-one with an Advanced Insructor who will assess your performance at all times.  

Basic Training focuses on general technical aptitude and orginizational ability, while Expert Training is technically more in depth. Successful graduates are then qualified to consider a full-time position at The Mac Support Store as a Computer Repair Technician for at least one year.

What Will I Learn?

In Basic Training you will learn ID manufacturer parts using internal databases and online searches, inventory management, and disassembly/assembly of Mac laptops, desktops, and towers

In Expert Training you learn the different methods to troubleshoot any hardware and software problem
, such as fault isolation and split testing. Additionally, in-depth understanding of Mac operating systems, imaging, installs, automatic and manuals migrations, and partitioning schemes.

How Do I Apply?

Once a year we accept two new applicants. Our next opening is in November 2021. Interested? To be notified send an email and we'll alert you when interviews openings are available.