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cMac Pro "Raiders"-The Mac Support Store
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cMac Pro "Raiders"

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Why go broke buying Apple's new Mac Pro starting at $5999?

Our custom-built Bespoke Mac Pro "Raiders" is a much better option. Look again at the specs below.

  • 2.93 GHz 8-core Intel Xeon Processors
  • 24GB of 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM (triple channel)
  • 1TB SSD RAID (4 x 250GB Samsung EVO 970) in 16-lane PCI Express
  • Radeon RX580 8GB Video Card.
  • 4-port USB 3 PCI card
  • 2-port USB-C PCI card
  • What does that mean? It's FAST. REALLY FAST ON EVERY LEVEL!


"The transition was pretty seamless, moving my massive project file from the new iMac to this upgrade. Playback is smooth, and with some difficult codecs (like h.265 in 4K), it's even better than the iMac. In the past, it took 1 hour 40 mins to export a sequence of the same length - now it takes less than an hour. A huge improvement - well done!"

Paul Murphy, Editor

Co-Author of The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro



It's no secret (at least to us) the 2009 Mac Pro was/is Apple's most powerful Mac.

Here are just *some* other possibilities foe a Bespoke Mac Pro:

  • Hardware: upgradable from 2009 to a 2012 model
  • Hardware: upgrade up to 12-cores (3.46 GHz)
  • Hardware: upgrade to NVIDIA 1080Ti 11GB (CUDA)
  • Hardware: upgrade up to 96GB DDR3 memory
  • Hardware: upgrade SSD for read/write speeds up to 4MBPS
  • Hardware: upgrade internal storage up to 32TB
  • Hardware: upgrade WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Hardware: upgrade/add Blu-Ray RW Drive in the lower slot
  • Hardware: USB-3 and USB-C multiport cards available
  • Software: upgrade to High Sierra (10.13) or Mojave (10.14)
  • Software: works with all major current apps from Adobe, Apple, Blackmagic, DaVinci and many many more

Our Bespoke Mac Pros can be configured for any project of size!

  • Film/Video/Audio Production
  • 3D Animation
  • Scientific Applications (protein-folding studies, etc.)
  • Rather bring in your own 2009 Mac Pro? Click HERE.
The cMac Pro "Raiders" is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 09, 2020

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